Vespa V4635 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a Vickers Vespa (Vickers Type 193 Vespa IV serial V4). This aircraft was delivered to Baldonnel 14 April 1930 and was written-off after a crash at the Curragh Military Camp, Kildare 9 April 1931. Image shows two members of flight-crew in flying clothes wearing parachutes posing in front of the aircraft. Hangars and a second Vickers Vespa are visible in the background.
Mosaic Collinstown1040 viewsGlass plate copy negative of an aerial image of Collinstown taken at 4000 feet. The image shows Dublin airport and environs. Under the image details of the photograph are recorded as follows: Date: 10-6-37, Time: 10.00 HRS, Scale: R.F. 1/6850, F.L.: 7" , Height: 4,000'
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