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Cadets from 37th Class en route to Arlington1852 views(Courtesy of the Cadet School and Cpl P Fogarty retd.)
Cadets standing at the foot of Kennedy's grave, Arlington National Cemetery1781 viewsA rehearsal was held at Arlington at 0800 hrs on the day of the funeral. When Lt Col Mattimoe asked what the Cadets were requested to do he was told "We want you to take up position at the foot of the grave and just do what you did at Arbour Hill." (Image courtesy of Cadet School and Cpl P. Fogarty retd.)
Cadets at graveside1632 views"And then as the noise of their engine [75 jet fighters] faded away, sharp commands in Gaelic ringing over the sunlit slopes of Arlington announced to the world that Ireland was paying her final tribute to President John F. Kennedy." Military Archives T/220 'Diary of Participation by Cadets' (Image courtesy of Cadet School and Cpl P. Fogarty retd.)
Cadets at Dublin Airport1657 views"The Cadets then marched at the slope to deposit their rifles in the aircraft." Military Archives T/220 'Diary of Participation by Cadets'. (Image courtesy of Cadet School and Cpl P. Fogarty retd.)
Cadets outside their quarters at Fort Meyer1496 views(Image courtesy of Col Nott)
Presentation to Cadets by their hosts at Fort Meyer, Arlington1661 viewsOfficer Commanding 3rd Infantry (The Old Guard) Fort Meyer presented the Cadets with a mounted and framed photograph. (image courtesy of Col Nott)
Rehearsal2433 viewsPhotograph taken by battalion photographer, 1st Battalion 3rd Infantry (Old Guard), US Army on the day of Kennedy's funeral. (Image courtesy of Col Nott)
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