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Miles Magisters on Grass440 views
Richmond Hospital, Dublin440 views
Inchicore Church440 views
Troops in Armoured Car439 viewsGlass plate negative showing a Rolls Royce Armoured Car with a tri-colour suspended from the car, seven personnel are posed in the photograph, two of which are in uniform.
Gloster Gladiators Formation439 viewsGlass plate negative showing three Gloster Gladiators flying in formation, the tail numbers 24, 25 & 26 are identifiable.
Officer's Mess Gardens438 views
Collins, Griffiths Memorial, Leinster House438 viewsGlass plate negative showing the Collins, Griffiths Memorial located in the grounds of Leinster House, Dublin.
St. Columba's College Rathfarnham438 views
Naas town, County Kildare438 views
Hurricanes in Flight438 views
BF III Crash437 viewsGlass plate copy negatives of Bristol Fighter F2B Fighter serial III which crashed at Naas, Kildare 17 July 1922. Images shows the wreck of the aricraft on the ground taken from each both sides and the rear. The aircraft had arrived in Baldonnel 10 July 1922. Glass plate one has been identifed on the envelope as Bristol Fighter II which was delivered to Baldonnel 4 July 1922 and was written off after a crash at Castlebagot, Baldonnel 23 Jan 1924 in which Lieutenant R. T. Nevin was killed. The image, however, appears to be that of the BF III crash on 17 July 1922. Glass plate two and three both show the serial number of the aircraft BF III.
Aircraft Log Books for Bristol Fighter I, Bristol fighter III and the Big Fella437 viewsPlate one shows the arrival of Bristol Fighter I to the Provisional Irish Government. The book states " Issued to Major General Dalton - Chas F. Russell Capt D.C.A. Commanding Eastern District for Provisional Government of Ireland " and is dated 5 of July 1922.
Summary of Air Corps 1931-1932437 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a table listing the numbers of officers, NCOs and privates for the years 1931 to 1932.
Brigadier General George Adamson and Letter Signed by Eamonn Ceannt437 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a photograph and a letter. The photograph shows Brigadier General George Adamson and another member of the Free State Army standing by a canon. The photograph appears to be have been dated 22 April 1922 and then altered to read 25 April 1922. The letter appears to be dated 10 February 1914.
72nd Cadet Class 1995-97437 views
Spike Island437 viewsGlass plate negative the full island of Spike Island.
Fairey IIIF436 viewsThe first staged image shows the Fairey being examined inside a hangar. A man who appears to be in civilian attire and a member of the Free State Army examine the front of the aircraft while a mechanic appears to examine the underside of the back.
Collinstown Aerodrome436 views
Collinstown Aerodrome436 views
Steamship "Pres. Roosevelt"436 viewsGlass plate negative showing the steamship "President Roosevelt"
Ballincollig County Cork Aerodrome436 views
IEMA-P-062-196435 viewsHaving a wash at the end of the day.
Army Jumping Team435 viewsPlate five shows three officers posing on the steps in front of the Army Equitation School.
Air Corps Personnel Group Photograph435 viewsGlass plate copy negative showing approximately one hundred and twenty-five Air Corps personnel posing for a group shot in front of a hangar in Baldonnel. The men are arranged in tiered rows with one man lying on his side in the foreground. One face on the far left appears to have been intentionally blacked out on the original photograph.
Richmond Hospital, Dublin434 views
Army Signal Corps Training with Morse Flags and Dummy Keys (Flags).434 viewsGlass plate negative showing the Army Signal Corps Training with Morse Flags and Dummy Keys (Flags).Taken at Naas Barracks under the supervision of Comdt Gantly of the Army Signal Corps. This was used in a publication called "Signal Corps Bulletin", taken on the 20 May 1927.
86th Cadet Class 2009-11 and the 28th Air Corps Cadet Class434 views
Fermoy Town, County Cork434 views
Ballsbridge Spring Show RDS434 viewsGlass plate negative showing the RDS in Ballsbridge while a spring show is on.
Foyne's Air Base434 views
IEMA-P-062-060433 viewsTea break during manoeuvres. The armbands on the left arms are to facilate umpires in identifying the opposing forces.
IEMA-P-062-290433 viewsFun and games.
Fairey IIIF433 viewsImages three, shows the Fairey III with several biplanes in a hangar at Baldonnel. Aircraft include the Fairey IIIF, Avro 621 serial 8 and two DH9s serial 6 and serial 7.
First Short Service Commission Group Photo In Front of Bi-Plane433 viewsGlass plate negative showing a first short service commission group photo in front of a bi-plane in Baldonnel.
Mater Hospital Dublin433 viewsGlass plate negative showing the Mater Hospital and the surrounding location.
Guinness Brewery Dublin433 views
Trumpeter on Horseback433 viewsGlass plate negative showing a trumpeter in Blue Hussars uniform on horseback
Officer and Four Men in Civillian Attire433 viewsGlass plate negative group portrait of an Officer and four men in civilian attire standing in front of a building.
Rinenna432 views
Bishop - Traynor - Officer432 viewsGlass plate negative showing from left to right, Air Corps officer William P. Delamere, Dr. Charles McQuaid and Oscar Traynor walking in the grounds of Baldonnel Aerodrome, possibly taken during opening of new church.
Richmond Hospital, Dublin432 views
Richmond Hospital, Dublin432 views
Collinstown Aerodrome432 views
Taking Over the Curragh431 viewsGlass plate copy negative of Colonel O'Connell taking over the Curragh. Several civilian bystanders, including children, watch as the Free State Troops are marching past. A caption below the image reads " The Taking-Over of The Curragh Camp by Col. O'Connell (on left), May 16 1922.
Test Bench431 viewsPlate one shows four engineers at work on a test bench inside a hangar while an officer supervises.
De Valera, Charles Lindbergh, PA Mulcahy and Frank Aiken431 viewsGlass plate negative showing Eamon De Valera, Charles Lindbergh, PA Mulcahy and Frank Aiken
Flying in Formation Avro Anson I431 viewsGlass plate negative showing a "from air" photograph of three Avro Anson aircraft flying in formation.
O' Connell Street Looking North431 viewsGlass plate negative image showing O'Connell Street and O'Connell Bride looking north.
Civil War Officers Group Portrait430 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a group portrait of Irish Free State personnel.
Eucharistic Congress Dublin430 views
Aircraft Anso Crash at Borriskane430 viewsAerial photograph of the Anso aircraft crash at Borriskane, visable in the photograph are civilians, Garda Siochana, wreckage of a plane crash along with the Anso Aircraft with the tail number 44.
Rineanna Mosiac (One Runway)429 viewsGlass plate copy negative of an aerial view of Rineanna or Shannon airport.
Ancillary Section Capt O'Shea429 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a group portrait of ancillary section Air Corps personnel including Captain O'Shea posing in tiered rows in front of a hanger at Baldonnel.
Fermoy Town, County Cork429 views
Golf Club House Curragh429 viewsFirst aerial photograph of the Golf Club House situated in the Curragh Camp, Co. Kldare
Army Jumping Team428 viewsPlate one shows three officers posing on horseback in front of the army equitation school.
Lt J Twohig - Sidcot428 viewsPlates one show the Sidcot flightsuit complete with harness.
Letter to John Curran From the Aviation Department428 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a letter from Captain Charles F. Russell to John Curran of 46 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin. The letter concerns a request Curran has made to transfer from his current unit in the department of aviation.
Bristol F2B Bi-Planes on Ramp428 viewsGlass plate negatives showing four Bristol F2B Bi-Planes on ramp with personnel standing in front of or working on the planes.
Test Bench427 viewsPlates three and four are identical and show a man working on a test bench outside a hangar.
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